Journeys three and four

In fact, he made two journeys around this time but for the sake of convenience they are combined here into one.

The first, which he made alone, was in July and August 1846.

The second was the longest of his stays in Rome, from December 1846 until June 1847, accompanied by Father Debreul who was later replaced by Father Poupinel.

During these visits he stayed with Madame Bouisse who ran a guest house for pilgrims in the Square below the Church of Ara Coeli. M. Bouisse acted as an intermediary in the business Colin had to transact with Cardinal Castracane.

The second General Chapter of the Congregation had been held in 1845. Since the previous Chapter three years earlier the number of members of the Society had doubled. There were now 200 priests, brothers  and seminarians. And in those three years Colin had sent 2 bishops and 24 priests to the missions, bringing the mission force to: 3 bishops, 50 priests, 30 brothers, and several lay people.

The Chapter discussed two main questions: the branches of the Society, including the Third Order; and matters relating to the mission of Oceania.