Jean-Claude Colin visited Rome as founder and as pilgrim.

As founder, he came to do business with the Roman Curia and to submit the Marist project to the successor of Peter. But Colin also came as a pilgrim to visit the places of inspiration and faith.

Over a period of 21 years (between 1833 – 1854) Jean-Claude Colin made five journeys to Rome. Both the first and second visits occurred during the pontificate of Gregory XVI, while the third, fourth and fifth visits were during the time of Pope Pius IX.

  • The first was in Spetember 1933 and he stayed until February 1834. On this journey he was accommpanied by Fathers Chanel and Bourdin, who returned to France after a few weeks.
  • The second journey was in the summer of 1842, and he was accompanied by Fr Victor Poupinel. This time they stayed in Rome for three months.
  • Colin’s third visit he made alone and remained for about a month in July – August, 1846.
  • His fourth and longest visit was in also in 1846. This time he remained in Rome for over 6 months, from 4 december until 18 June 1847. Initially Colin was accompanied by Father Dubreul and then later by Father Poupinel.
  • The fifth visit took place in 1854 after Jean-Claude Colin had resigned as Superior General. He was accompanied by Father Yardin. This visit was during the summer – from the end of June until mid-August.

In all Colin spent about 18 months in Rome and had four personal audiences with two popes, two with Gregory XVI, on 28 September 1833 and 6 August 1842; and with Pius IX on 15 June 1847 and 13 August 1854.