Reflection: St Bonnet-le-Troncy

St Bonnet-le-Troncy is the place of Jean Claude Colin’s early life and upbringing. In visiting this place, we visit the countryside and the atmosphere that formed Colin’s personal spirituality.

When Jean-Claude Colin’s parents were married in 1771, his father Jacques was 24 years old, and his mother Marie Gonnet was not yet 14.

Jean-Claude was the eighth of nine children born to Jacques and Marie. Nothing remains of the house where Jean-Claude Colin was born, but a cross marks the site.

What is perhaps more interesting than imagining what the house may have looked like is to stand at the site of the house and look outwards to the countryside that formed Colin’s personal spirituality.

Colin once told Mayet: “My one thought was to be a hermit; to go out and live in a forest, to be alone with God alone”.

Mayet also wrote: “At first sight (Jean-Claude Colin) appeared to be one of those good, little old country priests, very simple, very withdrawn, not knowing where to curl himself up to occupy less space, and at the same time, so abounding in goodness. I must add, however, that you felt he was a saint, and as soon as I had spoken to him for the first time, I had this strong feeling in my heart: ‘That is the man you are looking for’.”

The leader of prayer for the day gives some reflection if they wish and if it is appropriate and possible.

Prayer Intention
We pray for the grace to accept our origins – both personal and congregational – as they are; and to see these as “graces of foundation” for the Marist project both in the past and for the future.

We pray for a spirit of trust in God’s plan to do great things with humble instruments, including ourselves.